We The People Podcast presented by UnionFanTV

Host John Comonitski and his co-host Jason Hannigan rant about the Philadelphia Union, so you don’t have to.

You can find the latest episode of We The People Podcast on the footer of this page. Earlier episodes can be heard on SoundCloud, under the Show Category, as well as over on iTunes.

New episodes are recorded weekly during Major League Soccer’s regular season. Because, when do the Union ever reach the playoffs?

The MoUrning After

Hosted by UnionFanTV Editor-in-Chief Jason Hannigan, The MoUrning After breaks down the Philadelphia Union’s performance the night before with LIVE tactical analysis, Q&A with fans and of course, more rants.

Hot takes, tired special guests and much, much more. All over a much-needed Cup of Joe.

Coming soon.

Talk DOOP With Ryan

12-year-old Ryan really likes to DOOP (don’t we all?). So much so, he hosts and produces a weekly show where he showcases his love for all things Philadelphia Union soccer and of course, DOOP.

Read Ryan’s story, here.

Each week, Ryan gives a comprehensive break down of the Blue-and-Gold’s last performance, brings fans up to speed with the latest Injury Report, and takes a closer look at next up on the Union’s fixture list.

What were you doing at 12?

You can check out Ryan’s show, here.