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Philly Football Daily is an independent news site that provides daily coverage of soccer across the Philadelphia region and beyond.

Our coverage includes High School, College, and the Philadelphia Union of Major League Soccer. In the offseason — or Extra Time — we also provide coverage of the United States Men’s National TeamEnglish Premier League and soccer from elsewhere around the world.

Philly Football Daily aims to grow the sport of football (the football) across the Philadelphia region, in addition to growing the confidence, competence, and reputations of our team, which is comprised of local and independent reporters, artists, filmmakers, and more. 

Formerly, this site was known as UnionFanTV, which began as a solo podcast that was launched in January 2017. Today, UnionFanTV is the home of all multimedia content related to the Philadelphia Union here, on Philly Football Daily.


Jason Hannigan — Founder, Editor-in-Chief; Co-Host of We The People Podcast 

Jason is the Founder and current Editor-in-Chief of Philly Football Daily, as well as the Co-Host of We The People Podcast on UnionFanTV.

Jason currently lives in Upstate, New York, where he studies journalism at Ithaca College. Jason loves grunge rock and grassroots football. He has a distaste for Hotspurs, whatever they may be, modern football, and the fifth beer midway through a Sunday league game.

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JohnCom — Host of We The People Podcast 

John hosts We The People Podcast on UnionFanTV.

A graduate from Wissahickon High School, John currently attends The Pennsylvania State University, where he studies Computer Science and German.

Growing up, John played soccer for Whitpain Township. Sadly, his club career came to an end during his freshman year of high school following two knee surgeries.

John enjoys spending his free time over on r/PhillyUnion and r/mls. He can also be found on YouTube under the alias of JohnyJ25, an account that has amassed for him quite a respectable following …

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James “Cal” Dymowski — Contributor

The Coach joined Philly Football Daily in October 2017.

Cal Dymowski is a junior journalism student at Ithaca College with a concentration in sports broadcasting. In addition to his work with his school newspaper, The Ithacan, Cal is heavily involved in on-air and production work for TV and radio stations.

A massive fan of Liverpool FC, Cal manages a weekly column on PFD, Cal’s Corner. Cal is excited to be able to share his thoughts on Red Merseyside, the English Premier League, and much, much more.

The Coach is always open to engaging in discussions with you, the Fan.

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Andrew Treves — Executive Video Producer 

For over 13 years Soccer, Futbol, Calcio, Fußball, Football, whatever you may call it has been flowing through Andrew’s veins; he is crazy about playing, watching and shooting The Beautiful Game.

Be it a small pickup game or watching teams in the World Cup, Andrew is almost always watching the illegal live streams and consuming the statistics. Andrew’s love for the game is so strong that he came to college with intentions to make soccer into a professional career.

Realizing he “could not make a high school soccer team,” Andrew found the next best thing: producing soccer videos and content. Now Andrew is a Junior at Ithaca College, studying Television and Radio, and concentrating in producing and studio production.

Andrew wishes and strives to make videos that people will love and share; this is his ultimate goal in being the Executive Video Producer of Philly Football Daily.

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Wyatt Noble — Contributor

Wyatt Noble is a senior at Villanova University as well as a self-proclaimed soccer nut from North Jersey who never quite learned when to shut his mouth about the game. Wyatt once bashed Major League Soccer, but these days he serves as its staunchest advocate.

Wyatt will be helping PFD venture into college soccer in addition to expanding our coverage of the Philadelphia Union and English Premier League.

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Veer Badani — Contributor

Veer Badani is originally from India, but attends school in Upstate New York at Ithaca College.

He has been following Manchester United since before he can remember, but having since come to college, Veer has decided to turn his passion for football into a career as a sports journalist.

Veer loves all things European football with a bit of cricket on the side, too. Follow Veer for pre & post-match analysis, the latest social media news regarding Manchester United, and for all things related to both the Premier League and UEFA Champions League.

Keep an eye out for Veer’s weekly Manchester United column, Red Devils Advocate, which is coming soon to PFD.

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Noah Barnes — Contributor

Noah Barnes is a sophomore journalism and politics student at Ithaca College in Upstate New York. Born in Deerfield, located in the Western part of Massachusetts, Noah has played The Beautiful Game since he was a kid, and continues to play now as part of the club soccer team at Ithaca.

Noah loves all things football, but especially the Reds of Liverpool. He can usually be found sporting a “You’ll Never Walk Alone” scarf and spouting out football news to anyone who cares to listen.

He is excited to bring weekly MLS transfer rumors and rankings to PFD’s followers every Monday, and hopes to contribute more to the site as it continues to expand. Check out Noah’s columns, the Rumor Radar and In Form.

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Diego Sanchez — Contributor 

Diego Sanchez is a junior television-radio student at Ithaca College in Upstate, New York.

A former member of the Men’s Varsity Soccer Team, Diego now serves as a production assistant for NBC Universal–Telemundo Deportes. Make no mistake, Diego is an open and massive fan of Manchester United, as well as the England and Spanish National Teams.

Born in Venezuela to British and Spanish parents, Diego grew up with football in his life. It’s in his blood, to say the very least.

Expect UEFA Champions League, Premier League, and Manchester United content from Diego soon. In the meantime, follow and connect with Philly Football Daily’s newest contributor on Twitter.

Joe Lister — Contributor 

Joe, the youngest contributor on the site, joined Philly Football Daily as a contributor in Spring 2017.

Check out Joe’s weekly Philadelphia Union column, Lister’s Three Takeaways.