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King Salah: The Player of the Year


OK, as I write this, I am going to say it both really loudly and really slowly for everyone reading this to hear …


Alright, I’ve had my fun. Now seriously, let me write this again for everyone: Mohamed Salah is the Premier League’s Player of the Year.

I write this every week, because every week the Egyptian amazes me. Salah causes the thousands of jaws inside Anfield and the KOP End drop in collective fashion, and the Egyptian sends my three brothers and father into euphoria every time he fires the ball into the back of the net.

Salah’s offensive brilliance is easy to see, and it only gets better when you look at the numbers. He currently leads the league with 28 goals, tied for 3rd in assist with 9, and his shot accuracy is at 48%. This is just in the Premier League, and there are still six games to be played.

Salah in a game. (Courtesy: Liverpool FC)

Salah’s pace, coupled with the energy he brings to every match, simply cannot be beat.

He’s been fit for practically the entire season, missing just a few matches due to a lower-leg injury. Liverpool’s man has a keen eye for goal, and Salah’s killer instinct to run at the defense has made Liverpool the second-highest scoring team in the league with 73 goals. Manchester City has 85. Pep Guardiola’s to thank for that.

Most Reds’ supporters thought they had seen the days of great forwards pass them by. Liverpool fans almost unanimously accepted the plight when Luis Suarez bit Diego Godin and Daniel Sturridge’s body began to give out.

Failed experiments with Iago Aspas, Mario Ballotelli, Fabio Borini, Christian Benteke and many, many more only furthered that belief, with none of the strikers listed above able to solidify themselves as clinical enough in front of goal.

35 million pounds and one hopeful Premier League season later, Liverpool have a forward who can truly do it all. Salah can play on the wing or in the center, although the Egyptian is arguably at his best when allowed to float and create chances.

Salah is going to beat the Premier League record for goals in a 38-game season — a record that stands at 31 and is jointly-held by Alan Shearer, Cristiano Ronaldo and former Reds striker and cannibal, Luis Suarez.

Yes, Watford have been struggling, but there is simply no excuse for a team of eleven men to let one man beat them four times, off four shots on target. And, if you thought that was bad, Salah also assisted on Liverpool’s other goal.

Salah showed off his quick feet on his first strike.

He showcased his ability to finish off a cross on the second.

Salah’s unselfish side showed with an assist on the third.

He then topped it off by beating four Watford defenders on the fourth.

And the fifth? Well, Salah followed the play and cleaned up like a good striker should.

Just check them out for yourself:

King Salah is the most exciting player in the Premiership since Leicester City’s Jamie Vardy took the world by storm during his impressive 11-game scoring streak in the 2015/2016 season that was capped off by a league title.

In just about any other year, Salah would hand-deliver the trophy to Anfield. It just so happens that his incredible run is occurring during one of the most dominant Premier League campaigns ever. Again, thanks, Pep.

City’s Pep Guardiola approves of a 5-0 win over West Ham. (Courtesy: BBC)

NBC’s Arlo White said it best: he’s a goal scoring machine.

Liverpool sit in third place thanks to a poor performance last week versus Manchester United. But the Reds face struggling Crystal Palace, Everton, Bournemouth, West Bromwich Albion and Stoke City in their next five games. This stretch promises wins and goals from Salah in them.

King Salah needs is fit for a new crown come May: the Premier League Player of the Year.




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