Liverpool and Tottenham Draw at Anfield

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So many emotions going on, in and around Anfield at the moment.

To be fair, this game’s finish was one of the most entertaining and mesmerizing this season.

Liverpool thought they had won it after weathering an unlikely storm late (well, it’s that unlikely with a defense like Liverpool’s) only to have their hearts ripped out by not just Harry Kane, but the referee Jonathan Moss.


Third versus fifth in a game that could help shape the Premier League’s top-four. Liverpool wasted no time, striking in the third minute as Mohamed Salah (who else?) pounced on a Tottenham defensive error and slid it past Hugo Lloris for an early lead at Anfield. 1-0 Reds.

Then it became a game of possession and wasted opportunities on both ends. Salah had a few more chances, including one in which he saw Andy Robertson streaking down the left side of the pitch. But Salah took an uncharacteristic big touch into a defender, negating what could’ve been a 2-0 lead.

Sadio Mane had an opportunity from the left wing, beating Davinson Sanchez on the touchline only to play a weak ball into the middle that was easily dealt with.

Loris Karius, the obvious No. 1 at this point, channeled his inner GiGi Buffon and made some excellent saves. Spurs midfielder Moussa Dembele thought he had Karius beat when he caught hold of a ball off a corner kick, but Karius’s eyes followed the ball all the way in.

The midfield continued to be a battle ground, with Emre Can and Dembele bullying their opponents off the ball with ease. Half time came around with little drama after Salah’s opener.

The second half started off much of the same, only Tottenham threw their numbers forward.

Then, the storm came.

Tottenham equalized as Karius’s punch from a cross bounced it’s way out to Victor Wanyama who arguably delivered the goal of the season. No words can do this goal justice. Just watch it. 1-1 all.

Four minutes later, Spurs found themselves in the attacking third. Despite Kane being in an offside position, the ball was played through to him, Karius came off his line and Kane went around him, making sure his leg was touched. Down he went, penalty called.

But, after two minutes of deliberation, Kane, searching for his 100th Premier League goal, stepped up … and hit it right at Karius who made the smart decision to stay on his line. Karius rescued Liverpool, at least for the time being.

To make it even more dramatic, less than 30 seconds into the four minutes of stoppage time, Salah made a move towards goal that would have made Lionel Messi proud. He dipped, he shifted, he waited, and finally, he lifted the ball over a rushing Lloris, in what was surely the goal that would send Anfield and all their fans to the pubs in euphoria. Right? RIGHT? RIGHT?!?!?! 2-1 Reds.


On a throw-in, with less than a minute remaining, club-record signing Virgil van Dijk went to clear the ball from danger, but he didn’t see Erik Lamela lurking in the box. His leg caught Lamela and he went down.

But, here’s the best part: Jonathan Moss, the head referee, initially waved off the penalty claim and the ball was cleared. It was only after communicating with his assistant referee that Moss pointed to the spot.

Sadly, Dana White didn’t get a chance to promote UFC 185: Kane vs. Karius: Round 2, but it was one, and this time Kane didn’t miss. The England striker placed it low and hard into the right corner of the net. The last meaningful kick of the game was swift kick in the groin for Liverpool fans. 2-2 Final.


  1. Mo Salah is scoring when he wants to. 21 goals in 25 Premier League games this season sees him second in the league. He’s the quickest Liverpool player to 20 career Premier League goals in the club’s history. A true gem to watch on the pitch.
  2. 100 goals is nothing to scoff at for Harry Kane. While he does do it from the spot more than Spurs fans want to admit, his influence on a game is felt each and every match day.
  3. Love Klopp’s run when Liverpool took the lead. Too bad it’s not his mood now.
  4. Spurs escaped with a point. They could’ve won it, but they blew it, only to have a chance gifted back to them in the end. Mauricio Pochettino’s reaction shows you that even he didn’t think they had a prayer in the end
  5. Andy Robertson is becoming a stud at left back. The man plays great defense and can get up the pitch. The best part, however, is that he can track back efficiently.


Mo Salah. 21 goals. Energetic, creative, clutch. You know, the same old, same old.


I felt robbed, and I did scream profanities at my TV. But, it’s a point, against a good side. So its worth looking at it from a positive standpoint.

The Reds are in third place, still, on 51 points. Gotta keep on clawing.

Thanks again. Cheers.




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