We The People Podcast –– Ep. 6

Opinion, Show

John and Jason return from the depths of despair –– otherwise known as their respective dorm rooms –– for Episode 6 of the show. Check out the latest installment of We The People Podcast.

In the last episode of We The People Podcast, John and Jason were both Freshman in college, Dandelion was still considered a color by Crayola, and the Philadelphia Union were mired in the longest, active winless streak in Major League Soccer.

Now Sophomores, the budding duo of (less than stellar) podcasters have risen from the ashes and have recorded an episode, during what can only be described as a period of profuse speculation about the revamped Union.

While UnionFanTV and We The People Podcast generally try to steer clear from Alex Jones-esque conspiracy theories, we must warn all of our listeners: this episode happens to be chock full of ’em.

Has Jim Curtin performed pre-match sacrificial rituals? Does Yard’s Brewing Company’s Sons of Ben inspired Rowdy Pale Ale contain some sort of magical elixir? Are former Union players tied up in a Power Training Complex closet?

Tune into Episode 6 of We The People Podcast, as John and Jason dive in, head first like a Fabrice-Jean Picault header.

New episodes of We The People Podcast are posted to iTunes and SoundCloud every Friday evening during the duration of the Major League Soccer season.



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